What is co-creation?

Co-creation in a modern educational framework


Co-creation is an act of collective creativity that is experienced jointly by two or more people


Co-creation starts from the idea that there is a concrete problem. Together with various stakeholders, we can then work together to find a solution


“This is an exemplary and visionary project. We have to encourage by all means our students to be creative and innovative if they want to succeed in our world full of challenges and hazards.”

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Бюлетин – Октомври 2019

РЕЗУЛТАТИ ОТ ПИЛОТНИТЕ КУРСОВЕ ПО ПРОЕКТ CoCOS С напредването на проект CoCOS и изпробването от преподавателите на метода на съавторство, вече са налице и първите резултати от пилотните курсове. В този бюлетин споделяме резултатите от Прочетете повече…

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