CoCOS continues online

The consortium of the CoCOS Erasmus+ project had planned a wonderful educative day to share our project outcomes to a large group of educational professionals in multiple countries. Due to the current Covid-19 crisis, we will continue our plans by organising our multiplier events online.

Check all videos below covering all topics that were initially planned for live, ‘on campus’ multiplier events. Make sure to visit the event page of the partners countries to hear translated talks and take part in the Q&A and/or additional live events.

Links to language specific pages

1. General introduction to CoCOS

This video will introduce you to the online multiplier event. It will guide you through the programme and give you an overview in what the consortium behind CoCOS has achieved throughout the past three years. Click the arrow button to open the YouTube videos mentioned during this session.

2. Presentation of the conceptual framework and the learning guide

2.1 The conceptual framework

The next video presents the Conceptual framework on Co-creation, which was the very first project output. In the video you will learn more about the structure of the document, its purpose and get a short overview of each chapter. The document itself is available on COCOS website via this link.

2.2 The learning guide

This video presents the COCOS Learning Guide – a practical document for teachers, educators and training organisations. The Learning Guide helps and guides the introduction of co-creation into the teaching practice.

3. Demo of the CoCOS Suite

The editor and the viewer

In the next video, one of the developers behind the CoCOS-suite is taking you through the architecture of the CoCOS-suite and shows you via a short demo how you can (co)-create your own course and share it with students, colleagues or others.
You can access the CoCOS-editor via this link.

4. Introduction to the CoCOS MOOC, its infrastructure, and the didactical methodology towards co-creation

4.1 The infrastructure behind the MOOC

This presentation objective is to describe of CoCOS eLearning Moodle based Platform and the structure of CoCOS Open On-Line Course (the CoCOS MOOC). It shows several aspects of the platform and practical issues as project languages support or the way any user can openly access the CoCOS MOOC.
This link will bring you to CoCOS Moodle Platform Home page.

4.2 The didactical methodology towards co-creation

New ways for professional development and course development are on the rise in higher education. This video explores our methodology for designing and developing courses for co-creation, based on the ‘design sprint’ format.

4.3 The content of the MOOC

In the following video we present an overview of the MOOC that accompanies the CoCOS project. The online MOOC course offers you a mix of the intellectual outputs developed by the CoCOS team interwoven with testimonies from various users, examples and tools.
You can access the MOOC via this link.

5. Good practices and results based on pilots

This video presents the Good practices and Results based on the CoCOS pilots. In this video, you will learn about the implementation of the pilots in all project partners’ countries, how the surveys were structured and run and how teachers, experts and students valued this experience.

6. Live Q&A

Regarding the live Q&A we would like to invite you to have a look and the language specific events (on top of this page) where you’ll find the details and practical information to being able to join this live online event.